When are then starting your student life in Great Britain, you are not alone and especially not without student discounts!

Student life in Great Britain

Great Britain is every year among the top choices to study abroad among Nordic students. Whether the reason is the country's marvellous weather or the abundance of top level higher education institutions, Great Britain attracts and hosts a good number of Nordic students. Student life in British universities is lively and student union culture is active and rich: there probably isn't a hobby or a sport that does not have a club at a British university, and if there is, you can always found a club and are sure to find like-minded students to join. As with study abroad generally, the application process to British universities takes a bit longer than at your home country, and as there is a myriad of universities to choose from, make sure you start the application process early on.  

Finding your university

If you are thinking whether Great Britain is the right destination for you, go check out British Council's website on why you should study in the UK. They have gathered information on finding the right university for you, student visas, scholarships and grants and also life after you've finished your studies in the UK. Another great source for information about the universities in the UK and the application process is UCAS, the general university application portal for British universities and colleges. UCAS also has a lot of information about how to finance your student life in Britain. They've also got information on how Brexit will affect students coming to Britain from EU countries. If you feel lost with the application process, our partner KILROY has many partner universities in Britain, and is happy to help you with your application process to any of their partner universities. See what KILROY has got to offer in Britain here

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How to find accommodation?

Once you've received your letter of acceptance, it's time to start thinking about finding yourself a student flat! First year students usually have a pretty good chance to get accommodation on campus. This is a handy and affordable option, and you are sure to be immersed in the student life at the heart of your university. If you didn't get a room or a flat on campus, Britain has an extensive (and expensive in the bigger cities) private rental apartment market. Take a look at the flats and rooms available in your future hometown at Zoopla, and make sure you keep these golden rules by Rightmove in mind! 

Opiskelijaelämä Isossa-Britanniassa

Student life in Britain

When are then starting your student life in Great Britain, you are not alone and especially not without student discounts! ISIC is well in Britain, too, and with your ISIC card you are eligible for a bunch of fantastic discounts at for example many chain restaurants (and student discount on food is just the best, isn't it?). Most likely your university or college is also part of the National Union of Students, the NUS. If train travel is your thing, and you know you'll travel around the country while studying, it's worthwhile to get the 16-25 Railcard, as it will grant you a hefty discount on your train tickets.