About ISIC

ISIC (International Student Identity Card) is the only international student card that allows being recognized as a student worldwide. With ISIC, you also gain access to over 150.000 student discounts and benefits in 130 countries worldwide!

An ISIC student ID is a digital student card that you can access in the ISIC app. In the ISIC app, you can also view and access more than 150.000 student discounts worldwide. The ISIC app finds the discounts that are near you - so it's all easy and convenient. If you are going to travel, you can even check which discounts that are available at your destination before you go, by changing your location manually and it's even possible to save discounts for later use, with the favorite feature.

If you do not already have an ISIC card, you should do as five million other students and acquire one.

At ISIC, we work every day to make student life better for all students around the world. Therefore, in the ISIC universe, you can also find study articles about study techniques and tips and tricks for your everyday life as a student.


ISIC Facts

  • More than 60 years history
  • The ISIC organization is growing constantly
  • 150.000 international student discounts
  • More than five million students have an ISIC card
  • The ISIC card is available to all students over 12 years
  • UNESCO endorsement at both national and global levels
  • The ISIC card is represented in every corner is the world, from Greenland in the north to Australia in the south.
  • Your daily study portal with relevant articles, tips, ideas, etc.
  • Student discounts and benefits 125.000 places in 130 countries worldwide
  • The ISIC student card is a digital student card and can be found in the ISIC app
  • The ISIC app allows you to access all discounts worldwide.


Ever since 1953, we have helped to increase intercultural understanding, lower the barrier to education as well as facilitate a better student life across the globe. As a reminder of this project, we have received UNESCO endorsement at both national and global levels. Together, we are constantly working to cooperate with educational institutions and benefit partners to achieve our goals. 


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