6 tips on how to find cheap books for school

How to find cheap literature for school

The semester has begun and the chase for cheap books has started! If you're doing many courses at once, buying school books at the local shop or the university book store can be quite expensive. We've made a list of advice on how to find your book at a cheaper price. 

1. Ask your tutors

Sådan finder du billige pensumbøger - ISIC Danmark

Usually, your tutors are doing the same degree as you are, and often they've had some of the same courses that you are about to do. It's likely they already have the books you need and hopefully they're willing to sell them at a cheap price. If they already sold their books they probably have some class mates who want to pass their books along to you. 

2. Look for activities on campus

Sådan finder du billige pensumbøger - ISIC Danmark

Many schools arrange their own book fairs where the students can buy old and used books. Many schools also put up posters around campus with books for sale. Meanwhile, you can use some of the Facebook groups for buying and selling school books for university, high school and other educations. 

3. Look for used books online

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There are many different websites with ads for used books. Try DBA.dk, Pensum.dk and Saxo.com. Note: Always remember to compare prices when you're buying books second hand. Just because the seller says that they're selling the book for half price doesn't mean it's true.

4. Buy your books from international shops 

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A lot of the books that are being sold at a high price at Danish book shops can be ordered from abroad at significantly lower prices. Go visit websites as amazon.com and get your books delivered to the door. Even though you have to pay for international shipping you can still make a good deal by buying books from other countries. 

5. Search the library

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No doubt, the cheapest way to get your books for school is to get them at the library. It's free! Many university libraries usually have a few copies of each book but you have to be quick! You probably aren't the only one wanting to get your hands on the few copies available. Go to the library or order them online before it's too late. Note that period of time you get to bring home the book is probably shorter on this type of books, so remember to renew the period. 

6. Download compendiums and books for free

Sådan finder du billige pensumbøger - ISIC Danmark

Also, you can find and download compendiums and books complete at Bookboon.com. Here you can get most texts free of charge but with ads in them. With you ISIC student ID you can get 50% off a Bookboon Premium membership and get rid of the ads - and get even more nice features. It's the future within the field of self-studying and for you who don't want to pay a lot of money for your books! 

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