Is that a kangaroo jumping at you? Oh, wait, it's just a bunch of awesome ISIC card student discounts in Australia. Better catch them and make sure they're with you when you head to the other side of the world!

Student discounts in Australia

When you go to the land down under, take your ISIC card with you and be sure to enjoy some handsome and tasty student discounts! Whether you're travelling, on a working holiday, exchange year or studying permanently in Australia, student discounts are something to take advantage of while on the road. We've collected some of Australia's most popular student destinations and university cities below in a guide of student discounts. Pick your favourite destination and take on Australia with ISIC card student discounts!

Australia's student favourites:






Look for more student discounts in Australia at ISIC Australia's website.

Please note that some discounts require contact with ISIC Australia so as to be used with a European ISIC card. In such cases, we kindly ask you to contact ISIC Australia at [email protected].

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