Top 10 travel destinations on a budget

At ISIC Denmark we LOVE to travel but we also know that it can be difficult to overcome when living on a tight budget!

Therefore, we have made a small guide to 10 cheap destinations in the world. Prices on both flights, experiences, food and lodging should be manageable on a budget.

Thailand is known to have incredibly much to offer to very little money. In Thailand you can experience a wonderful wildlife in the lush jungles, beautiful white sandy beaches, beautiful historic temples and of course the exotic kitchen for almost no money (about 15 DKK a meal!). Also you have the opportunity to experience exciting adventures in the form of island hops to fx Chiang Mai, Koh Lanta and Koh Samui. It is cheap to travel to Thailand and flying within the country, drive around and sail from island to island. If you are lucky you can find flights up to 4500 DKK and stay for 50 DKK a night! Of course, you have to be out arly to fint the cheap prices.

Must-sees are Phi Phi Islands, Maya Beach where "The Beach" is filmed, or the floating markets near Bangkok. Also try to drive in Tuc Tucs and eat food from a street kitchen.


Malaysia offers both big city with a wealth of luxurious but cheap shopping options in Kuala Lumpur, and delicious bounty beaches and crystal clear waters on fx Perhentian Islands. In the capital Kuala Lumpur you can experience a busy and modern metropolis filled with temples, museums and exotic markets. On the Perhentian Islands, you can enjoy total relaxation on the beautiful beaches, exciting walks in the lush jungles and dive down to an untouched coral reef. You can find hotels for 100 DKK a night and flights from around 5000-6000 DKK.

Must-sees are Petrona Towers, Menara Tower Kuala Lumpur and Sky Bridge Langkawi Island.


Sri Lanka is yet another destination where you can experience almost everything - too very little money. Sri Lanka is a beautiful island state in Southeast Asia, just south of India. With emerald green forests, beautiful beaches and very beautiful, green landscapes, ancient, traditional culture and the impressive wildlife. You can among other things try surfing, diving, air ballooning, river rafting, zip-line, whale safari, shopping, beautiful Buddhist temples and much more. Here are also good opportunities for volunteering with animals! It is possible to live for less than DKK 150-200 per person a night and you can fly there for under 5000-6000 DKK. If you are out in good time! You can actually leave for 16 days and spend under 5000, - on everything!

Must-sees are Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage and Sigiriya rock.

Sri Lanka 

Morocco is a wonderful country. When you experience this diverse country and feel seduced by all the senses, you will come home with an experience for life. Here are endless beaches, deserts, lush palm oases, dramatic mountains, exciting cultures and more. In addition, Morocco is a relatively cheap destination - and you can ALWAYS bargain about the prices ;) You can get a return flight ticket for 2000-3000 DKK and stay for less than 150 DKK a night.

Must-do is trekking in the Atlas Mountains, sand-surfing in the Sahara and must-sees is the city of Medina and the marketplace of Djemaa El Fna.


Portugal means a good mix of cultural highlights and natural beauty in the magnificent Atlantic coastline and the many beautiful wineries that adorn large parts of the country among other things. In addition, you have the wonderful opportunity to take a week on Surfcamp with KILROY Denmark and for under 8000 DKK. Take surfing and have an experience for life and meet other young people from all over the world.


Berlin is simply awesome, a place where most city lovers get lost. The city houses historic monuments and buildings, an outstanding nightlife and cultural scene, super shopping and a cool population. Berlin is perfect for an extended weekend with friends or a romantic get-away with the girlfriend. You can travel by bus, train or plane for less than 800 DKK and stay for less than 300 DKK a night. It is of course a must see to go to the Berlin Wall, Holocaust Memorial and Berlin TV Tower.


Amsterdam means a trip to the city of canals, bicycles, trams and bridges. Explore the many canals and world-renowned museums. The city is especially famous for its freedom, while offering lots of cultural attractions and great shopping opportunities. It is easy to make a cheap trip to Amsterdam. Many of the city's attractions and benefits can easily be enjoyed on a low budget. You can fly there for less than 1500 DKK and live for about 500 a night.

Must sees Boat trip in the canals and Anne Frank House.


Barcelona offers delicious tapas bars, beaches, salsa, shopping, museums, architecture and football. And then the city is oozing with charm and the perfect southern atmosphere. The best way to get around is with no doubt by foot. Alternatively you can buy a special ticket that provides unlimited access to bus, metro and train. It's easy and cheap. Taxi in Barcelona is generally cheaper than in Denmark. You can get a return flight for less than 2000 DKK and live for 300-400 DKK a night.

Must sees are the many beautiful buildings and the unfinished church of Sagrada Familia. And of course you should enjoy a glass of Sangria at La Rambla!


Prague is one of Europe's most popular cities, and there is a very good reason. The city is incredibly nice and beautiful. The historic and well-preserved medieval buildings stand side by side with cozy beer gardens, impressive churches and festive clubs. Despite the city's popularity, prices here are still lower than in most other major cities. You can drive there for 800 DKK, fly there for approx. 1400 DKK and stay for DKK 300 per person a night - and maybe even cheaper. When you are in Prague, take a walk over the beautiful Charles Bridge (free), see the Old Town Square and take a very cheap trip in the city.


Croatia is a wonderful and beautiful country in south-eastern Europe, which has become a very popular destination among the Danes. The country borders Italy and offers the beautiful crystal clear Adriatic Sea. Here is plenty of sun, beach and well-kept culture - and here's cheaper than in many other European countries. It is possible to drive there in 1,5 day or fly for around 2000 DKK. You also have the opportunity to travel with KILROY and take on one of their many Croatia Sailing Cruises for 2000-3000 kr.



Volunteering is a great way to travel, experience and help other people, animals or nature. You can come a long way for a long time at a good price, but of course you must be dedicated to your work at the destination! You can help elephants, monkeys and turtles in Thailand and Sri Lanka. See more at

Hostel: Remember that you can stay at hostels most places in the world at a very good price. Of course, the standard is not as high as in a hotel, but you can easily find delicious hostels in many places. In addition you only have to sleep there, so maybe that does not mean that much.

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