Christmas gifts on a student budget? Grab ISIC's ideas for affordable gift shopping!

Six gift ideas with a student budget

Christmas is known for being a time to remember your loved ones, but what to do when there isn’t extra money on your student budget? Gifts, of course, aren’t a necessity, but if you want to remember someone with a little something, we put together a few affordable gift ideas that can be implemented on a smaller budget. Get inspired for gift shopping!  

Gifts in a jar 

Gifts in a jar are easy to implement, and you can get them really personal. Delicacies taste for everyone during the holidays and are suitable gifts for anyone. Homemade hot chocolate is easy to implement by layering in the jar cocoa powder, sugar, chocolate, and marshmallows (or other suitable toppings, for instance, mint caramels or cookie crumbles work out pretty well). Just add the decorations outside the jar and if you want, write the ingredients and instructions on how to make this delicious drink. You can also fill the jar with self-baked cookies, carefully chosen, favourite treats of the gift receiver, or with a Christmassy Rocky Road (super easy and delicious recipe below)! 


White Chocolate - Cranberry Rocky Road

Two white chocolate bars (400g)

1dl dried cranberries

50g of gingerbread cookies 

Crush the gingerbread cookies and chop the cranberries into smaller pieces. Boil a bit of water, cut the chocolate into small pieces and melt the chocolate in a bowl above the boiling pan (the chocolate might burn in the microwave). Mix the cookie crumbles and cranberries into the melted chocolate. Add the mixture on a tray or a flat plate that is big enough. Let it cool down in the fridge for at least an hour. Cut the rocky road into smaller pieces and enjoy! 

gift ideas on a student budget gifts in a jar ISIC

Happy socks 

Everyone needs and uses socks! This necessary gift will come into use for sure and Happy socks has a collection which to choose from. Great gift for all ages, in all possible colors and prints. They also have gift boxes, which consist of four different pairs of socks selected for you. This gift is for sure a hit! 


Does someone you know have a green thumb? Or maybe someone who just moved to a new flat, or simply would like a little something to their house? Plants bring a hint of color to a home and are a secure choice for an interior gift. Plants that fit as a gift and are easy to maintain are, for instance, Zamioculcas, Golden Pothos, or a Jade plant.  

gift ideas on a student budget plants ISIC


Audiobooks and podcasts 

During the holidays, there is time to chill with a good book! Give as a gift an audiobook streaming service, which has something for everyone. With ISIC, you get free listening at Nextory and Mofibo plus a student discount! Redeem the benefit, and you’ll get the service for a gift a little more inexpensively. Do you know someone who would enjoy the podcasts behind a paywall? For them, you get free listening and with ISIC at Podimo. 

gift ideas on a student budget audiobooks ISIC



Traditional books are the classics of Christmas gifts. Brand-new books bought in a store may cost a fortune, but secondhand you can find real gems as good as new. Inspiring interior book or a book full of recipes, knitting books for someone who enjoys it, detective story for mystery enthusiasts.. A book can be a personalized gift when you know the gift receiver well enough. 

gift ideas on a student budget books ISIC

Photo albums and calendars

A calendar on the wall or a photo album filled with pictures and memories together is a pleasant gift with no exceptions. There are multiple services online where you can create personalized photo albums, calendars, and prints as gifts. Go through your phone's camera roll and put together a gift that will last forever!