Where do you go when you do't have anyone to talk to?

Headspace: Advice and help for young people

Where do you go, when you do not have anybody to talk to and your thoughts are running through your head? Your parents will definitely not understand you and it seems difficult to talk about your feelings and tell your friends about things that hurt? The answer for your questions might be found at Headspace.

Headspace is a free advice office, that’s grown to be a popular initiative. It opened in 2013 and it’s well known in Denmark. You can get advice on everything from boy- and girlfriend problems, family problems, loneliness or other stuff you might have difficult talking about.

Headspace is now in 9 cities, has a chat function, you call Headspace on weekdays in opening hours or just walk in from the street if you are near one of the 9 offices. Beside, full time workers, Headspace educated over 400 volunteers that are ready to help young people in Denmark. The relation between the young and volunteers are unique and is an extremely important part of Headspace.

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It can be extremely difficult for young people to know whom to talk with regarding their problems, especially as a young you worry about how your family and friends will react when you open your mouth and are honest with your problems. This is why it can be easier to talk with a volunteer, because they can see things from the outside and they are not afraid of using episode from their personal life.

In couple of years we have been in contact with around 15.000 young people and we have given advice in family problems, addiction, suicide thoughts, self-destroying attitude, loneliness and more. Our door is always open and you will find a freespace where you will meet other young people and workeers that will understand you” says Iben Nordentoft, secretary chef at Headspace

 If headspace can’t help students them self’s, they help them find alternatives way they can get help.

»We don’t just talk about helping students, we also help them finding new ways where they can get help, for example from municipalities and regions, which can be a jungle for students to navigate in. It is not every young who knows where to go to when they are afraid, are down, needs social acceptance or has problems at home« says Iben Nordentoft

 Maria 22 year - She was going around with awful thoughts after her father pasted away.

I was always down. I could not get up in the mornings or find the energy to focus on my studies. Since my father past away couple of years ago I was hitten by grief. I’ve tried different sections with grief groups and psychologist, but never found something that helped me. I was very tired and desperate of finding help and it had to be now

It can be easier talk with a volunteer. They can see things from another perspective and are not afraid of using their own experience.

»I had two advisers. They gave me advice on handling my grief. I also got help on handling my low selfesteem and my need for presenting what I was fighting for. What made the difference for my was the fact that I could talk about what I wanted to talk about. There were no frames that determined the subject or the content« Marie tells 

She found big joy in coming when she felt the need and the fact that you could walk in straight from the street or call when there was problems…

I fell much better today. It is a big relief that you can walk in straight from the street or call. If you feel bad, it’s better this way instead of waiting maybe for a month and always remember what made you sad.

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About Headspace:

Headspace is a counseling for young people. You can get help for your problems – big or small. Headspace is anonyms, free and for young people between 12 - 25 years. Right know you can find Headspace in Cophenhagen, Odense, Horsens, Esbjerg, Aalborg, Rødovre, Roskilde, Billund and Herning and there will soon open a headspace in Helsingør.

Everything is done on behalf of the young’s permission and there is no waiting time. You can walk in from the street, chat with us or call the nearest center.

You can read more at www.headspace.dk or follow us at Facebook