Become a premium member at Saxo for free with an ISIC student discount!

Student discount at Saxo

Start the semester right and become a member of Saxo Premium for free with your ISIC card! At Saxo Premium you can stream 55 000 audio and e-books for free. As a Premium Member, you enjoy discounts on physical books and audio and e-books that are not on the free streaming service. You'll also have free shipping for physical books. At Saxo, you'll find over 9 million books to choose from, on multiple languages. Also, get a head start to your semester and order your school books at Saxo! 

As an ISIC card holder, you'll enjoy the first 30 days of Saxo Premium for free! Log in with your ISIC card to claim the student discount at Saxo. 

After the first 30 days, the membership is only 99,- kr./month. You can cancel your membership whenever. 


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