LOOP Fitness is simple and effective training for all.

Great student price at LOOP Fitness

LOOP Fitness is a simple and effective fitness concept suitable for everybody. LOOP Fitness is based on a workout program in which the entire body is worked through in just 24 minutes. The workout takes place in 16 different machines, that each focuses on either strength or cardio workout. The machines are placed in a circle, and to start your workout you simply jump in where ever there is room in the circle and then follow the flow of the circle. Every 45 seconds there is a 'ding' sound to signal, that everybody must move on to the next machine in the circle. We recommend that you do two rounds in the circle - that way you complete a full workout in only 24 minutes.

All LOOP Fitness centres offer an area to do some stretching efter your workout just as every center has a small cafe corner, where everybody is welcome to grab a tea or coffee after their workout. Welcome to LOOP Fitness!

Normal price: 219 DKK.
Student price: 179 DKK.

Welcome to LOOP Fitness!


*To qualify for the student discount you must show your valid student card at  your LOOP Fitness.

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