Are you ready to gig?

Find your next job with Gigstr

Are you ready to gig?

Gigstr is a digital staffing agency that helps companies throughout the Nordic region and the UK with staff solutions. Find your next gig! Download the app and search jobs across the country. A gig can range from a few hours to several months. Work from home, in city or from an office.

If you are flexible and like to control your own time and customize your own work schedule, Gigstr's Community is for you. 

Want to start gigging? 

It's very simple! 

- You are over 18 years old. 

- Download the app for Android or iPhone.

- Fill out profile. 

- Apply for gig. 

- Meet with us and go through the application process. 

- Get hired by us. 

- We offer both fixed and varying salary. Minimum wage is 125 DKK/hour + holiday pay + insurance. 


What now?

Download the app for Android or iPhone. 

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We are looking for ward to welcoming you to Gigstr's Community!

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