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Learn a new language with Busuu

¡Hola, Bonjour, Hi, Ciao - What language do you want to learn?

Busuu offers language courses on-the-go. Where you can learn at your own page, where you will get the necessary help along the way. You will get full access to 12 different language courses, such as Spanish, French, English, Chinese etc. 

The language package contains everything you need when you have to learn a new language. Among other things, you can take tests and earn official McGraw-Hill Education certificates.

When you feel ready for it,  you can have real conversations and get feedback from native speakers - because the best way to learn is to speak the language with others. 

All of this is just a draft of what you get in the language package.

You also have a 7-day money-back guarantee, cancel anytime.

You can choose from the following premium language packages:

  • 3 months - 160,30 DKK. (normal price 229 DKK) 
  • 6 months -  300,30 DKK (normal price 429 DKK) 
  • 12 months - 363,30 DKK (normal price 519 DKK) 
  • 24 months - 699,30 DKK (normal price 999 DKK) 


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