Here's a student discount for avid readers and good listeners: Free access to audiobooks and e-books for 2 months on BookBeat!

Student discount at BookBeat

Enjoy a great story with BookBeat with an ISIC student discount! As an ISIC card holder, you get to try BookBeat for 2 months free and access thousands of audio books and e-books directly through your smartphone.

Explore more than 800.000 e- and audiobooks! Choose from novels, thrillers, children's books, biographies, feel good reads or from your personal recommendations that you can find in the app. Try BookBeat 2 months for free, and listen for 40 hours. After that, a subscription from 59 DKK/month without a commitment period. 

NOTE: The student discount is valid until further notice. The offer only applies to new BookBeat-users.

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