How to access the discounts

ISIC student card gives you access to study discounts throughout the world. You can find a selection of Danish study discounts at and with the ISIC app you can find discounts that are close by wherever you are in the world.

Find discounts in the ISIC App

With the ISIC app, you can access your digital ISIC card and access discounts worldwide.


Get started with the app

1. Download the app in Google Play or in the App Store.

2. Sign up with your ISIC card number and your name as specified by your purchase of the ISIC card. Your ISIC card number will be sent to you in an email as soon as your ISIC card has been approved.

3. Find the discount you would like to use and tap show ISIC card if it is an offline discount or at Get Discount Online if it is an online discount

4a. If it's an offline discount, simply show your ISIC student card at the store / place

4b. If it is an online discount, you will be directed to either, where you will need to follow the flow below or a form to fill in your details, and then you will receive a discount code.


Download the ISIC App here

Be aware: ISIC Denmark only have international student discounts from other ISIC-license countries, therefore we are not liable for any expired or changed discounts.


Get access to discounts on

At you can find a selection of Danish study discounts. The majority of the available study discounts on the site are unique ISIC student discounts and only available if you have a valid ISIC student card. Below you will find a guide on how to access online discounts:


How to get the online discount:

1. Find the discount you want to use

2. Go to the partner discount page and click the “Login” button

3. Enter your unique ISIC card number – Remember all numbers and letters

4. Click the link to the partner discount page again and copy the discount code

5. Shop all you want with the discount!

The site will automatically save your ISIC card number and therefore you do not need to login whenever you want to use a new discount. However, to ensure the security of the site, it only saves the code in one session, so you must log in again if you close the browser or visit the site afterwards.